Servername: "Ark Weltenfall [root,pvp,]"


Current Situation: As playgroup we currently maintain the control over the server, and still decide about it's development.

All of us love fair play and competitive PvP; You can expect that trying to claim your own land on our server is certainly possible, and you will not be admin-raided; punishment actions are reserved for cheaters and heavy griefing; so we do not advertize as an admin-free server, but we are practically admin free in terms of gameplay.

Note that we use the natural mod, just for the feel, and therefore can be rated R16+. Note also, that some of our playerbase are experienced gamers.



 - If you want to live at the main caves or other critical areas with unusual high spawn rates, you have to play friendly, keep your doors open so travelers can enter and leave the caves unharmed, and anyone should be granted the request for PvP to be suspended in that area. You are not allowed Automatic Defenses to be turned on, so best dont even build them, or find your own base location.

 - Building on unique spawn sites like metal spawns in the volcano is forbidden; Exceptions are small amounts you could sacrifice around the map; Outposts, Attack Fortifications and Stashes have to be erected too without blocking natural spawns to respawn (like metal, crystal, obsidian, or any kind of rare, like penguins); Exceptions in a wartime of bigger tribes might be granted.

 - The Server owners, and their main tribe will act as passive wartribe: wars are not declared to grief, of course we see our privileged position;

 - Spamming the landscape with useless junk is regarded bad behaviour, please clean up for a healthy server.

 - A certain amount of Roleplay is encouraged (like loyality to your tribe, trade, strategic plans, honor, pacts and ingame drama - however impersonating a truly "ingame" character is not needed)

 - Needless to say any action taken against the server and its population itself, like spamming, annoying, griefing, pointlessly raiding bases or destroying stuff, cheating or hacking, etc. will be answered with deadly force and if severe even ban hammers. This doesn't mean, you can't annoy individuals, or raid bases, just dont be "that guy".

 - Players with admin powers will never summon rare blueprints. Their powers are there to help and protect a fun gameplay, so in no circumstance a rare blueprint will be reimbursed. Don't expect admins to summon stuff, except on really tragic bug-related losses as some sort of emotional compensation. Regard them as gifts. Don't spoil your own gameplay by asking for it.

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Our full Mod List on Steam, if you want to Pre-Abo:

Currently Running Map:

The Center Official.

Server Settings:

These settings are out of date. Our difficulty uses 6++ mod, mods change via steam group.

Name of Setting Set Value

Some Mods in this list may be deactivated.

Following settings mark the more permanent changes,

a full set of current server values might be provided automatically at some point.

Server Restarts 13:00h GMT+1, 7:00h GMT+1; You will be warned before automated restarts. All mods will auto-update.
DayCycle (doubled) 0.5
Night (shorter) 2
Day (longer) 0.25
Crosshair On
Third Person On
Hunger (Player) 50%
Hunger (Dino)* 80%
Food (Tamed Dino) Boosted: 1.2x per level, 200% initial.
Recipe Effectiveness 1.5x
Spoiling Time 2x
Corpse Decomposition T 3x
Map Player Location On
Server Downloads / Transfers Characters and Dinosaurs; No Items.


*) dino hunger is being reduced to balance taming speed on life tames, like apes.





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