To get a permanent room on the server, ask RogerValor or g4b.linux.
- provide the exact name of the room (your clanname)
- provide an info whether it is specific to our dayz server, or generally used.
- the new system allows for users with a certain time on the server to create permanent rooms. Please do not abuse.

Generally used Clan rooms are created in the Section “Private” on the bottom.
Clans get their room in the subtree of their community.

Channel Admin is set on the owner of the room - he can set the password of the room himself, and annoint other channel admins. If you want a channel admin to be revoked for an ex-member, please contact.

Channel Admins can kick users out of the channel into the SpacePort.

Non-permanent rooms should be creatable by users, who got an icon (registered), at any time.
Rooms which I was not told about can be deleted if I don't see activity in them.