Balance thoughts

g4b12 May, 2016 14:09
For the future of our server, I really like to integrate some of my ideas I had on another game, which basicly the whole map procedural creation was about.

Since Survival Evolved is close to it, and maintaining a stable server calls for it too, I might look into a modding server, where I can try new mods before we add it on the main server, or act as a testing ground or pvp arena if we need it.

Kinda like a test server, which is sometimes running parallel to our main server.

In this I want to try to achieve the following:
 - use medieval mod and other mods to allow most of the stuff needed for gameplay (breeding etc.) with medieval stuff too - no power.
 - use the npc mod to supplement this:
    * build a little hut for an npc with some things he needs, and he has a profession.
    * professions could be like peon, warrior, etc.
        the peon could…
          - hatch: needs stuff like fireplaces and coolers, and hatches one egg reliably for you.
          - raise: feed animals until they are juvenile
          - gather: work stone/wood much more efficiently
          - hunt: hunt small animals for efficient hide and meat
          - cook: cook that meat and fill up stores
        vendors could be used to sell in other tribes' cities

so basicly, instead of going for much more expensive power and tech, building small towns with npcs to work would allow to create some kind of civilization in the maps, having npc guard and work in the cities.

npc system needs to evolve or i might even look into what is possible with mods here to get that interesting. the long run would be some sort of primitive+ without being restricted to it: modern stuff should be still nice to get, but much more valuable. clashing npc armies should be fun.
Irra28 Apr, 2017 14:09
I am not sure if you guys still play this game but my friend actually made a mod with extra primitive equipment. I haven't really played this game so I don't know much about it, but I will just leave the link down here and you can decide if you like it and want to use it.

Here is the link to Friend's workshop, it's the one called Primitive Equipment+.
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g4b02 May, 2017 16:20
i found ark a pain after a while, but there is a server up, i think hosted by sponge

currently the server which runs on wf is avorion

and the ideas for ark i kinda wrote together into another sideproject for the future. you know, when i ever finish my first game, i can start a second one, hahah
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