Forum Software Update

g4b16 Sep, 2015 17:49
Okay, I upgraded Forum and added new WYSIWYG Editor into it for easier editing of posts. Since I just did it while something else needed to finish, it is far from perfect.

HOWEVER, it still has bugs, so pls, find them all.

Hopefully this increases our experience on the forums.

Edited 16 Sep, 2015 17:50
g4b16 Sep, 2015 18:42
I also disabled email notifications for now.

They were annoying. For those missing it, i might re-add feature as daily update or sth. - or fix the latest updates button to something useful and less buggy.
g4b16 Sep, 2015 18:43

note to myself: this should be fixed:

Edited 16 Sep, 2015 18:45
g4b22 Sep, 2015 17:33
Other updates: 
 * CSS got corrected, so that you can see unread messages now. I will tweak this further;
 * one function for browsing new messages has to be rewritten, the button for it has been removed.
 * sitelets overview no longer throw error if you are not logged in. but you will be redirected to home page.
 * fixed several errors on the site itself.

g4b01 Oct, 2015 19:32
security updates:
* removed feeds since they were ignoring permissions
* added monkeypatch to secure quotes; bug reported on pybbm;
* fixed minor bugs
Edited 01 Oct, 2015 19:38
g4b19 Jan, 2016 16:58
* more security updates for the account system. lets gradually increase it until the russian spambot has no chance.
* repaired repositories, so website can be hotfixed again smile
* repaired ts3 app
* repaired some issues on the server, but there is still some small todo (venv)
g4b29 Feb, 2016 16:07
Currently some weird bug prevents forum and other parts of the page properly. The cause is identified, however not the exact problem. I will notify once posting is possible again.

This is a deeper error, so it may take some time (and hopefully, fixing it for this site will also fix it for further sites which do upgrades)

Thx for the patience.

Update: should work again.

Edited 01 Mar, 2016 16:39
g4b06 Sep, 2016 15:50
* fixed the annoying bug in the forum software middleware keeping session languages set to last users settings…
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