What is it?

Arkanlor is a server, which tries to speak the Ultima Online and the CentrED protocol, targeting the clients "iris2" and "CentrED".

It is planned, that Arkanlor only supports basic gameplay, especially worldbuilding and design and does not become an UO Emulator per se, at least not one which copies UO in so much details, like runUO, sphere, and so on. It is however planned to support the entire protocol and provide means to build anything you want with it.

Inside Arkanlor, however, there is also a procedural generation engine, designed to autocreate the worldmap as you go, or by prerendering maps. Iris2 will be extended with mapstreaming functionality, while you can already see it working with CentrED.

Arkanlor is a part of the serpent project, found on github under https://github.com/serpent-project/serpent

Iris2 is a separate project and can be found on http://iris2.de/index.php/Main_Page

CentrED is also a separate project and can be found on http://redmine.aksdb.de/projects/centred/wiki

CentrED comes with a server part by itself, however, Arkanlor reimplements the centred protocol.


The project is on hold, so no development is done. As Iris2 has stopped development, and other clients aswell, and I started game development more with unity3d, instead of python, it serves only as a chaotic showcase of stuff. If you are in UO scene, and need scripts to work with dragon, caleb, etc. you might want to take a look at the quanum code, and also if you need python libs to work with UO files, I think my implementations are among the fastest you will find.


I had thoughts on a gameplay based on a client working together with a procedural world generator for iso games, like Ultima Online was and is, and they are noted here


You can find Screenshots here

The Iris2 Part

As off time of this writing, You can log in. You can move. movement is tracked, items are streamed, and you can chat with yourself, but also see other characters. Around 20% of the protocol is already implemented as packets.

You can also still use non encrypted legacy UO Clients by origin, however, some of the methods using in generating maps on the fly or transmitting server items as custom multis crashes it.

Iris2 was forked for this project to provide bugfixes for the client. The sourcecode will be made available in a git repository, and maybe reintroduced in iris2.de too.

The CentrED Part

As off time of this writing, You can log in, edit regions, see the userlist, and stream the map view only. This allows centred to be used for measuring the procedural generation algorithms, using procedurally generated virtual maps instead of a predesigned one.

It also allows you to stream simple mul files, of course, too.

Can I run Arkanlor?

Yes, the project is on github. Browse the code here https://github.com/serpent-project/serpent/tree/master/src/arkanlor

I do not provide additional support atm. You need a copy of Ultima Online to run any of the clients.

Follow Development (on my alpha server)

You can download the Weltenfall dev bundle with iris2, centred, insideuo, mulfiles for weltenfall preconfigured

Disk Space needed: ~1.5GB for a full install

Download Size: ~700MB

Contact me for the link.

Why is it called Arkanlor?

Arkanlor is a dragon I invented as a kid, it is the king dragon of all fire dragons. The original Ultima Series did a lot of defining this character. Seems fitting.

The word means Arcane Knowledge or Arcane Light.



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