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25. September 2012

QuanumQnor is a new dragon-like filter which takes care of ab_ lists itself and is much easier to handle. plus: it is way more accurate than the dragon implementation in 1 run, and seems a lot faster too. Together with the QuadContinent which tries to take care of a 2x2 ensured size, it produces way better results.

Quanum also allows subgroups, like dunes in the sand, which define a transition to their mothergroup, but act to other groups through the mothergroup. These filters could be improved by adding more tilemasks, but you can see that the dunes already work on the edges to sand.

19. September 2012

mainly a bugfix, now dragon scripts can place items and also make grass filters

18. September 2012

Dragon map pattern filters applied on a generated map (8x8x8) (happens in realtime). Its not perfect yet, but actually, the correction has to be done on the generator side, to create more "friendly" overlaps. 

Dragon filters even postprocess between an UO Map and a generated (8x8x8) maparea on demand.

Simple Dragon Generator. Takes some groups of the dragon files and scatters them. Actually Dragon is a method of loading a 256 color indexed picture and converting it via dragon to a map. Dragon scripts also will be used to filter the result and adjust borders between tiles.

In this picture, you can see the simple dragon generator in the upper left, and the 8x8x8 generator down right. Continents are possible, so you can load different generators on different positions.

The 8x8x8 generator tries to generate a continent with different areas, like here some mountains. there is still no filtering/postprocessing here, so it looks a bit blocky.

You can also load UO Maps with an offset at a specific position (or use the mapload to just stream the map as is). Note however, it depends on which uomap loader you use, the whole map might be in the memory anyway. However this would also allow to tile custom built maptiles over a map. e.g. you create a big mountain by hand and place it multiple times over the map.

15. September 2012

First dynamically generated dungeon seen in iris2

This was the first dungeon generated with a dungeon generator in the database and seen in Iris2. The code is pretty simple and uses 1 multiitem at each mapblock


The same, seen in iris2 2d mode.

Procedural generated map (realtime) (without filters yet)
heightmap, tileset, and many things more are generated with various noise algorithms.




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