It was fun but we could never bring back the old vibe with DayZ SA.

I tried to mod a vanilla friendly system, that dropped cases in Elektro, had a more interesting and stable weather system, and thought about more, but it got too hard maintaining it, and too expensive to run without a steady playerbase.

If someone wants the files, they are still in a repository, i might open source them for others.


Feature Matrix
Long Day, Short Night
Summer Date

Atm. our server restarts every 12 hours; short nights.


Custom Loot Table We continuously try to improve on the loot on the server. It should still retain a sense of pride and accomplishment however.
Light sources scarce, as we are almost a day server right now.
Custom Spawns

Spawn areas have been decreased to the south-east of the map.
Spawn script is customized, and will be fleshed out even further in the future.
Around Elektro, and only there, you will spawn with a Makarov.

Elektro PvP

Elektro has additional loot stashes you can find around yellow protective cases, with low gear weaponry and ammunition, additionally to the Makarov spawn; It means, you can prove, you are the fastest draw in Elektro.

More such systems are in development. The high amount of ammunition obtainable will increase the risk to loot that city!

Hordes A Horde of Zombies roams the coasts of Chernarus, try to avoid confrontation. -
Vehicles+ Increased amounts of Vehicle spawns will make it easier to obtain one, for the time being. -
Weather System Instead of using the forecaster which is built in, weather is mostly steady and sunny, sometimes foggy and spooky, and occasional storms do not last more than ~15 minutes, with proper buildup. No more endless rain, but also not just boring endless sunshine.  
Spawn Loadouts Survival has its perks: if your last character gains ingame time, your next loadout will be better. If you survive very long, you acquire currency to even pay for the next few respawns.  
Planned Features
Web Based Customizations We might add web based customization options soonish. -
Building Mods We might adapt build anywhere, in some form. However atm. persistence is still a problem.


Trader No Trader. And if, only very rudimentary. -
Endgame Objective A second metagame will be added later on as an opt-in endgame objective.  in planning.




we do not have any specific rules to gameplay, pvp is allowed, social play is encouraged.

we do not compensate for losses.

we do not tolerate cheating.

admins will not abuse their powers for powerplay.

admins do spawn stuff, especially cars, and if you kill us, or are friendly and ask, you can keep it. usually we do that since we have to test features.




(C) by, (C) by 2008-2013, Impressum, Kontakt

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