Owl Initiative.



The idea.

OWL was created by us since we all love mice. And playing together as a group. Also, because Owls are friggin' cute, but if you hold them as a pet, all they want to do is friggin' kill you.

Jokes aside, we are a team of european online friends, playing certain games together.

Our fictional group gets founded by superlative megacorporations creating Software and Bioengineering technology.

Our home-system shifts reality, so we appear in many universes, hunting for information, fun, and generally swag-ing our symbol into everybodies face.

Wisdom and Silence, and many other words could describe us, like talonic predatorial instincts for a late night sandwich.

We all know, that the future beholds masses of Owls everywhere, as we have seen from leaked trans dimensional futuramas. You don't expect me to invent more introductory words, now do you?

We have our Forum sections here.

Visit our TeamSpeak3 Server, at weltenfall.net!


The games you find us in as corporation

Star Citizen
Robertsspaceindustries ~ Owl Initiative
Star Conflict
F2P Online Game ~ Steam Link

Endorsed Games, you might see us owlin'

Dirty Bomb
Ark: Survival Evolved & Ark: Survival Of The Fittest

Our History - you might remember us from here.

EVE Online
Official Site ~ IOWL Corporation
StarBattle / StarCraft 2
Official Site (dead) ~ StarCraft2
DayZ - Arma2 Mod
Official Site ~ Steam Link


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